Sunday, April 25, 2010

Editorial: ‘God recalled’ Aleke

By Nyasa Times Published: April 25, 2010

Assassination is not such a good word the Nyasa Times would want to use. The word is very tricky and nasty. It is the extreme form of censorship and has never changed the history of the world but for lack of better word the Nyasa Times can only say "God too back" to describe the cancellation of the medical scheme at a time the revered politician Aleke Banda needed it the most on the ventilator in a South African clinic.

Every hand that must have been involved in the cancellation was naïve and bashful enough not to realise that they would be acting like tin pot tyrant Adolf Hitler "Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future."

Nowhere, absolutely nowhere, has there ever been a hint, not even a whisper, that the state machinery was involved in the cancellation of the medical scheme at the time Aleke needed it the most.

The cancellation of the scheme was just a coincidence with the recalling of God. Aleke deserved no assassination and the question of it cannot arise because never at any one point in his life did he appear subversive to any government authority.

But that’s not the kind of thing you have in latest development.

It is so shocking to hear the coincidence is too allegorical to jump to conclusions that the best government is a benevolent tyranny now tempered by an occasional "God has taken back".

I think it’s a turning point in history, especially for press freedom fighters. Aleke was not a coward.

In establishing The Nation newspapers, Aleke believed those who want the Government to regulate matters of the mind and spirit is like men who are so afraid of being murdered that they commit suicide to avoid assassination.

For those who don’t want the truth about Aleke's death to become known, the very repetition of 'God has taken back' lends it some allegory, since people have a tendency to believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

We pledge to fight the dark forces high in the corridors of power which have made political capital out of the techniques of character assassination by innuendo. Men in the corridors of power are honourable, and honourable men don't just kill and so we still contend God has taken Aleke back.

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Source: Malawi news | NyasaTimes breaking online news source from Malaw


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